Unlock Exclusive Savings with Solar Power

Your journey to exceptional savings starts here. With IDEAL Solar and Electrical, take control of your energy bills and enjoy the freedom of your own power source. Step into the future where your commitment to smarter living meets big rewards.

Why choose solar?

Embrace solar power for a brighter future! Not only does it help the environment by shrinking your carbon footprint, but it also unlocks substantial savings and potential income streams. By harnessing renewable energy from the sun, you'll steer clear of harmful emissions associated with fossil fuels.

Here's What You Gain:

  • Secure up to €2100 in savings with SEAI grants
  • Enjoy a 0% VAT rate on your system
  • Slash your electricity bills by a staggering 80%
  • Experience free hot water
  • Elevate your home's energy efficiency rating
  • Enhance your property's resale value
  • Earn extra income by selling surplus energy back to the grid
  • Contribute to a greener planet while enjoying self-generated electricity

Our clear path to your
solar success!

Assess & Design: Reach out for your free site assessment. We’ll tailor a solar plan that maximises your savings.

Grant Support: Navigate the grant process with our expert assistance. You could be eligible for significant subsidies.

Quick Installation: Rely on our seasoned team for a swift, efficient setup. It’s all about minimum fuss, maximum benefit.

Ongoing Rewards: Post-installation, enjoy the perks of solar energy and watch your savings grow over time.

Take the first step towards securing your energy independence!

Claim your free assessment and start saving with solar today. With IDEAL Solar and Electrical, it's not just about energy — it's about empowering your lifestyle with smart, sustainable solutions that pay off.