Hot Water Diverter

This ingenious addition not only increases the efficiency of your solar investment but also can help you achieve up to 60% savings on water heating costs.

Why let excess energy go to waste when it can heat your water?

Our solar PV systems come with an optional hot water diverter, utilizing any unused energy to heat your water cylinder through your existing immersion element.

How it works

Diverting Excess Energy

Any excess energy generated by your solar PV system is redirected to heat water in your existing hot water cylinder.

Automatic Operation

The system automatically diverts energy to where it's needed most, ensuring optimal use of your solar power.

Easy Integration

The hot water diverter is an additional component that works seamlessly with your solar PV system.


Increased Savings
Reduce water heating costs by up to 60%, leveraging the solar energy you've already generated.
Efficient Use of Energy
Ensure more of the energy you generate is used, reducing waste and increasing savings.
A simple, effective way to enhance the value of your solar investment by using excess energy for water heating.