Seamless Integration of EV Chargers

Drive into the future with integrated ev charging solutions.

As the demand for electric vehicles (EV) surges, IDEAL Solar and Electrical stands ready to integrate top-notch EV chargers into your home or business.

Our expertise spans a wide range of manufacturers, from MyEnergi’s Zappi to Tesla and VW, ensuring your EV charging infrastructure is not just efficient and reliable but also supports the shift towards sustainable transportation.

How It Works

Professional Installation

We install EV chargers that integrate seamlessly with your property or business's existing electrical system.

Wide Compatibility

Our team works with a variety of EV charger manufacturers to ensure compatibility with all electric vehicles.

Optimised Charging Solutions

Chargers are installed in optimal locations to ensure convenience and efficiency in charging your EV.


Support for Clean Transportation

Facilitate the use of electric vehicles by providing reliable, efficient charging solutions.

Versatile Charging Options

Cater to a range of electric vehicles with our expertise in multiple EV charger brands and models.

Increased Property Value

Enhance the appeal and functionality of your property with the addition of EV charging capabilities.